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  • 19th June 1937 the company was first registered as RESISTO metals. This was changed after a short period to DYN-METAL on 16th July 1937
  • DYN-METAL originally started out in Victoria, Central London with the original works in Camden underneath railway arches
  • Acquisition of Park Royal location in September 1976 and moved to premises in 1977
  • Originally had one computer in “The Computer Room”
  • First CNC Machine installed 3rd October 1984 Colchester 650 CNC
  • Second CNC Machined installed 7th July 1987 Colchester 650 CNC
  • First electric melting furnace installed July 1993
  • March 1994 leased 8 computers from Dell. Became a fully computerized office.
  • Installation of DMU 200 July 2004
  • Installation of second Integrex i300-S 2015
  • Installation of XYZ CNC Lathes for rough machining 2021
  • Installation of Hitachi OES Spectrometer 2023


DYN processed bronzes offer genuine and measureable advantages over standard British, European and American bronze grades. Chemically and mechanically, DYN bronzes appear similar to their respective common counterparts, but distinguish themselves through their performance, longer wear life, longevity and superior service. This is achieved through a special process conducted in house, which give our bronzes a finer grain structure. It is this structural change and realignment which gives our bronze its unique properties.

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DYN-Metal implemented their first ISO quality system in 1990 and have been accredited ever since as holding and running a BSI approved quality system to ISO 9001:2015. Total quality control over all of our products is paramount to our ethos.